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I have several rental homes and whenever I have an issue with one of my heating or A/C units I do not hesitate in calling Emil.  His prompt service and professionalism set him apart from all other service technicians.  He has made A/C service calls at all hours of the day to accommodate my tenants.  He stocks many of the parts needed for quick repairs and his fees are very reasonable.  I would not hesitate in calling Emil for all of your heating, plumbing, and A/C needs.



Lou Provenzano





Emil does fantastic work at the best price!  I replaced my A/C units and sought multiple bids.  Emil did the job for "thousands" less (same brand) than the lowest bid!  When my hot water heater busted, Emil quickly did the repairs. Installing a new hot water heater and water treatment system.  Emil Neagu Plumbing AC/Heating has been a great service to my family and friends.  We look forward to continued excellence....



John Heimann




I have been using the services of Emil Neagu Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing Service Company for the past 15 years. Whenever there was an A/C or plumbing problem, he was available on short notice. He is on speed-dial to service our four A/C systems. He has replaced one A/C unit due to old age and installed a mini A/C unit in the garage. He relocated one system from the garage floor to the garage attic, freeing up floor space in the garage. He and his crew designed the change, specified the equipment and installed the new system in one day. He is a professional who is very knowledgeable, trustworthy, honest, responsible and most of all dependable. He is a person whom you can depend on for all of your A/C and plumbing installation, repair and service. I appreciate the quality of his work.


Larry Jacob

Goodyear, AZ




I just wanted to let you know I appreciate your promptness in coming by to unclog my toilet. I also appreciate the fact that you did not charge me. I can’t think of too many people that would do that.


Again my thanks,

Ed Dolezal




I have been a Realtor in the valley for over 15 yrs.  For several years now, Emil has been my plumbing and electrical expert.  He has done his magic for my own home, as well as my brothers and my clients.  Whether you need a repair or replacement, Emil is simply the best.   When you call Emil, you can then relax.  


Jim Marshall, HomeSmart Realty, The Sun Cities to Scottsdale.



I have used Emil for HVAC, plumbing and electrical at my house, wife's business, rentals, mother's house, and mother-in-law's house for over 15 years.  I always recommend Emil to anyone who asks for a suggestion for either of these services. Emil is prompt, thorough, professional, and reasonable. He always gives me a few suggestions and his recommendation.  There has never been a situation that Emil did not know the equipment or system from HVAC, to electrical, to water softener, to reverse osmosis, to energy saving devices. It is so nice to only have to call and deal with one person for almost everything needed for your house, business or rentals.  Emil knows several other professionals/tradesmen in virtually every imaginable service area (e.g., granite counter tops, dry wall, painting), so I always call Emil and he can either solve the problem or he knows someone who can solve the problem.



(240) 418-3099




"I was initially referred to Emil Neagu by a property manager for my rental properties. Since that time, Emil has provided excellent service to my homes and I wouldn't hesitate recommending his services to anyone. Personally, I have dealt with many contractors over the years, but Emil stands out among the best." 


Michael Jordan




I have only known Emil for about a year, but in that year I have come to know him as a great christian friend and that
Christian life flows right into his business. During this year he has extended my kitchen 5 feet, replaced my hot water tank and installed an electric monitor system for my home. I had a roof replaced and Emil gave me two names of roofers that saved me thousands of dollars over my original bid and did a fine job. I can't think of anything that could go wrong with my home  that I would not call Emil first.
If he can't do it, he will give me the name of someone who can.

Blessings on you!

Richard Landis




I have known Emil for over 15 years and I find him honest, trustworthy, knowledgeable and a Christian. When my wife was livingwe hadahome thattheAC wentoutand my wife had heard Emil through a church family that she knew; I called Emil and He looked at my situation and gave me a great estimate and the job was done. Following my wife's death I moved to SCW when the oldAC wentotry1canedEndandafterlockingatnyproblernriesar-dwecouldrepairitbutitwas18years old and he felt we had received most of the trouble free service out of time to think about anew one, more efficient and it has been running great ever since. Last year I called Emil because I had heard all the advertising from companies to service and clean the AC unit, I called Emil about it and He said  you don’t  need that service,just keep your filters clean. You can trust this man to do a good job he is courteous intelligent and honest.


Jack Seagraves 

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