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The Transformer (pictured above) is an

inductive load of your power company's

just like the motors in your home

(A/C, Refrigerators, etc.) are your

inductive loads.








High Voltage Pole Mount Capacitor
















The high voltage pole mount capacitors (pictured above) are used by your power company to correct their power factors. When the power factor is corrected, the demand is reduced. The electric meter on your home that your power company reads is a demand meter. With the Electric Saver, you can reduce demand and legally slow down your meter simply by making the motors in your home more efficient.

Your electric company has used this technology for 70+ years to correct their power factors. Why would your power company spend tens of thousands of dollars adding capacitor banks to their grids if this technology doesn't work? BECAUSE THIS TECHNOLOGY DOES WORK If you look in your neighborhood at the power poles, for approximate every 50 transformers, you will notice the capacitor banks like the one pictured above correcting the power factor of the transformers in your neighborhood.


When motors in your home turn on, they demand from the power company's transformer power. This demand of power from your motor goes through the wires on your property, through the electric panel, through your power meter gauge, up to the transformer and back down through the wiring in your home again to your motor. Throughout this process, the electrical wiring in your home heats up and strains the motor and wiring. This heat generated from this process is called watts.


Motors in your home (such as your Central Air Conditioner, Heat Pump or Pool Pump) are inefficient. When they run, there is lost energy that you are billed for by your energy company but that energy is completely wasted.


The Electric Saver recycles (otherwise lost energy/watts) and releases it back to your motor when needed.  By doing so, this recycling process reduces the amount of heat on the wires and the motors in your home.  Reducing this heat (kilowatts) will lower your electricity bill and lengthen the life of the motors in your home. Inductive Motors are in your Central Air Conditioner, Pool Pumps, Heat Pumps, Refrigerator, Freezer, Washer, Dryer, Ceiling Fans ,T-12 Fluorescent Lighting Ballast, etc.   Things with copper windings that create electromagnetic fields are inductive loads, like an inverter that turns DC current into AC current.

The Electric Saver also shields your home against power surges and spikes. By reducing your demand from the power company, this saves you money $$$$$!


Your Power Company & Large industrial complexes have been using this same technology to save on their energy costs. The Electric Saver 1200 operates off the same technology. It reuses the otherwise wasted energy and recycles it back to your motors so you have less demand and usage from your power company

The Electric Saver is designed to make the motors in your home more energy efficient like your Central Air Conditioner which accounts for 40-60% of your power bill. The Electric Saver 1200 was created to save on your Power Bill.  It is installed either to an Electric Panel or directly to a motor in your home (like your Central A/C or pool pump).

The Electric Saver is designed to lower your Electric Bill, increase the life of your appliances and motors, and safeguard your home against power surges (up to 2000 joules of heat) by making the motors in your home more efficient.



Are the Electric Saver UL Listed and CuL listed?

Yes, Underwriters Laboratories inspects the facility where our Electric Saver Devices are made randomly several times a year to ensure all our models meet all safety standards. The UL & CuL file number for the company is E342228.

Visit or go directly to our file with these links: U.S.A. / Canada

Should anything ever go wrong and you need to file a claim with your insurance company, rest assured they will not be able to deny coverage for having an unsafe electrical product in your home. The Electric Saver has passed all safety requirements and is certified with UL.

· SAVE on your Electric Bill up to 25%!

· The Electric Saver can be installed to an electric panel or directly to a motor

  • Will Handle Power Surges and help with Burnouts! (Surge Suppression up to 2000 Joules)

  • Will work on 220 & 240 Volt AC Applications as well as 110 Volts internationally.

  • Model ES1200 is for single phase 200 amp service

  • 50/60 Hertz

  • Box Rated for Indoor or Outdoor Installation. Nema 3R Rated (Metal) Rainproof

  • MAINTENANCE FREE! You install the device & it works for 25 Years. FIT & FORGET TECHNOLOGY!

  • 25 year Life Expectancy


             You can have more information on this TV Investigation copy paste:



             If you are interested in this electrical saving device   the cost is $ 425.00, which                  includes installation.


             Contact Emil at 623-546-3042

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